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Smoke Taint Testing

The US west coast and especially California regularly suffers from large wild fires – most recently in autumn 2020. On the same time this areas are used for agriculture, especially for grapes.

Guaiacol and 4-Methylguaiacol markers are being used for smoke taint. These markers are widely recognized in both scientific literature and the wine industry itself as important indicators of smoke taint.

Adamson Analytical is offering testing for what is referred to as “free” markers. Free markers describe molecules that are freely available and not bound to other molecules such as sugar, or phenols, which exist naturally in grapes and wine.

For analyses of the “total marker” concentration we recommend the analysis of the sample at completion of primary fermentation – the natural fermentation process releases (hydrolyses) most of the bound markers. As a rule of thumb results in a fermented extract are proximately 5 times higher compared to the concentrations in the grapes that were used (and markers are partially bound).

Interesting to know: grapes and wine is the most tested commodity, but of course the same method can be applied to any other fruit, vegetable or herb. E.g. hemp plants are absorbing smoke taint on the surface of the leaves very well.

We are ready to fulfill your testing needs within a standard of 2-3 business days or even faster with same day expediting options.

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