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USP 61 and 62 testing

Rapid Microbiology Testing

Adamson Analytical Laboratories is now offering clients, The advantage of rapid analysis is a result of higher certainty compared to the standard preliminary results which are generally vague. We can provide qualitative (Positive or Negative) results for Total Plate Count (TPC) and Yeast and Mold (Y&M) beginning 48 hours after sample receipt. Additionally, we simultaneously perform the standard USP tests and report results in the usual 5 days timeframe.
The Rapid Micro Advantage:

  • Results after 48 hours help influence crucial shipment or production decisions.
  • Standard USP results after 5 days show full product compliance, give confirmation of results and avoid questions about the validity of the rapid testing method.

A validation report comparing the standard USP and rapid testing results of more than 700 different samples is available.


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