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The New FCC Honey Identity Standard

Some experts claim that honey is the third most adulterated food in the world. As the conversation around honey authenticity becomes more prevalent, as well as legal action against those who allegedly participate in counterfeit operations, a standardized guide for honey is becoming increasingly important.  

As of December 1, 2021, the new Honey Identity Standard has been published in the Food Chemicals Codex. The new standard gives some general information about the origin and production of honey but also lists the parameters and tests needed to properly ensure honey identification, purity, and authenticity.

The standard gives guidance and acceptance criteria on the following parameters in honey:


-Insoluble Matter

-Moisture, Refractometric

-HMF Content

-Electrical Conductivity

-Free Acidity

-Diastase Activity

-Proline Content

-Sugar Content (Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose)


Purity and Authenticity

 -Botanical and/or Geographical Origin

 -Foreign Sugars


Adamson Analytical/QSI America can support you with all of the necessary analyses you need to adhere to this new honey standard in 2022.


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